Movies and Visitors

Rafter Six Ranch is an incredible location and setting for movies, commercials, travel shows and any type of filming. It offers a wide variety of terrain and stunning backdrops including mountains, rivers, fields, spruce and aspen trees, horses, cowboys and cowgirls!

In The 1940's a location scout for Walt Disney Pictures discovered Rafter Six Ranch, and thus began the long association between the Ranch and the entertainment industry. Walt Disney visited Rafter Six Ranch, and was so taken with the stunning scenery, that soon a steady stream of Disney Productions were using the Ranch. A cabin was specially built for Walt Disney - and still carries his name.

river posterRiver of No Return, was Marilyn Monroe's first movie, and many of the scenes were shot on and around the ranch.

Rafter Six Ranch has been the backdrop for many wilderness themed Movies and TV Shows. Productions like, Grizzly Adams, Wilderness Family, Wolf Boy, and Across the Great Divide (Stan Cowley's movie debut!) have all been shot at the Resort. During the filming of Blood River, with Wilford Brimley and Rick Schroeder, Mister Schroeder met his future bride.

In 1994, the tv movie How the West Was Fun, using Rafter Six Ranch 's name, starred Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen and was filmed on location. Television Commercials, Music Videos, and Advertising Agencies also take advantage of our unique brand of rustic luxury, and stunning scenery. All things being equal, you just never know who or what you'll see at the ranch, on any given day in the beautiful Canadian Rockies!west dvd




Some of the Guests & Visitors to Rafter Six®


And Many, Many More!!!


The Cowley's have made welcome royalty, dignitaries, musicians and athletes from around the world - and they continue to offer their friendly brand of western hospitality to all visitors.


Some of our lodge guests have been actual Danny the horse or Browd the Bear, a 600 pound black bear (complete with claws and teeth!) who co-starred in the movie Jungle Book and made himself at home in the Bearspaw Lounge! It's a good thing he didn't find the excellent Brunch Buffet that was featured in the Mad Trapper Dining Room!